Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Homemade All Purpose Cleaner Recipe

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It's that time of year....the flowers are starting to bloom, the days are getting to be a little longer, people are going out for walks and everyone is just in an overall HaPpY mood now that winter is behind us :)  So what does that mean for most of us?  SPRING CLEANING!  When I was younger I always thought this was a strange concept, I mean...get your summer clothes out, put the winter ones away and be done with it already!  But now that I am a bit older and have my own house I realize that not only is spring cleaning necessary but it can actually be fun!
Alright so I have a question for everyone....Do you know what the largest organ of the human body is?  Any guesses?  It's your skin!  Yes, your skin is an organ and while the majority of my posts are mainly focused around organic food and being aware of the things that we put in our bodies, it's also just as important to be aware of what we subject our outer body to, such as harsh chemicals!  Not only do these harsh cleaning supplies effect your skin, they also disrupt the respiratory system, immune system and can even have some unhealthy long-term effects...something we should definitely keep the kids away from at least!  With all the buzz going around about the dangerous chemicals in our homes, a DIY Homemade, ORGANIC, All-Purpose Cleaner recipe seemed needed :) 

My sister-in-law, Chrissie, introduced me to the concept of making your own household know those people who are just so 
thrifty, up-to-date on the latest trends, basically just overall perfect AND makes it look oh so easy! Yeah, that's her...and on top of that she is the BEST MOM to the sweetest, cutest, most adorable 4 little boys on the planet :)  {Also, she is a representative for an all natural company, with the busy life she leads she needed an easier way to get chemical free easy that they even ship them right to her door! Woah! It's if you wanna know more about it}
But back to the recipe...So here is, ORGANIC and natural, even the kids can use it! 

All Purpose Cleaner:   
1 Cup Warm Water
1 Cup Organic White Vinegar
4 TBS Organic Lemon Juice
30 Drops Organic Tea Tree Oil (it's really not that much)
15 Drops Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil (Optional for Scent)
-Using a funnel, combine all ingredients into a spray's that easy!
-The Tea Tree Oil is the key makes this cleaner a germicide, fungicide and anti-bacterial.  It has been used for decades because of its anti-fungal and antiviral properties.  
-As far as costs go, upfront, the ingredients are going to seem expensive, especially the oils.  Remember when buying the oils to go for the smallest bottles...they last forever so there is no need to get the large size...I found them on sale at whole foods for around $5.99 each.
-Also keep in mind that you only use a fraction of the products to make a cleaner that is going to last you a LONG TIME!  If you divide up the costs it around $ 3 to $4 a bottle....not bad for getting something thats safe for your home and good for the environment!

I cut off an empty shampoo bottle to use as a funnel because I forgot to get one :)

My husband, Ryan, hates the smell of vinegar and therefore is very sensitive to it, so I added 15 drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil...which hides the vinegar and gives it a softer, lemon scent :)  
I grabbed this cute, eco-chic bottle label over at Vinnie Pearce's site...and its free!

More Cleaning Supplies Recipes to come so let me know what you think of this one...Did you like it?


  1. haven't tried making the cleaner yet, but I love the funnel! necessity IS the mother of invention!

  2. Love it. smells like lemon pledge, which I love. I am not a huge fan of my house smelling like vinegar,but love It's natural cleaning power so this recipe is perfect. with two kids under two it makes me feel better not using so many toxic chemicals to clean. I love that it can still smell clean though! thanks so much!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! It takes a little bit to get used the new 'clean' smell but it's so worth it!! :)

  3. you can use this cleaner on anything? Does it clean anything like soap scum? etc what does this cleaner not good for?

    1. Sorry I'm a little late! Yes I use it on countertops(granite, solid surface) , bathrooms, tabletops, you name it. You do have to be careful though, I know that marble is very sensitive to lemon juice {it will etch the surface} so just be aware of the ingredients and make sure that it's safe to use on your things! I probably wouldn't use it on wood floors or using it for dusting anything wood...In my mind wood and water don't mix well :) Thanks for reading my blog! Let me know how this recipe works for you...I LOVE it!

  4. Just made some of this and tried it and I really liked it! I especially liked that I didn't have to worry about my daughter wanting to be in the bathroom with me while I'm cleaning...thanks for the recipe!

  5. I am going to make this with my Brownie unit. we are teaching them about recycling and being kind to our earth, this fits in great!!
    thank you for the recipe.

  6. Can you substitute anything else for the tea tree oil (since we do have a cat)? I know you mentioned that if diluted properly, it shouldn't be harmful to a cat, but I was wondering if there were any other options for adding that disinfecting element, other than with tea tree oil.

  7. Soo random question. (LOL) This cleaner sounds great, but does the lemon juice in it go bad if you don't use it right away? I was reading about another cleaner that had lemon juice in it & they said to refrigerate. Was just curious.

  8. This is a fantastic all purpose cleaner recipe. One thing that most people don't realize is how risky it is to use harmful chemical cleaners. With such chemicals as amonia, chlorine bleach, and phthalates, using chemicals can be very dangerous for you and your family. I encourage everyone I know to try organic cleaning products.

    Thanks for this great recipe!

  9. I like Susanah's site and I like Jeffrey's comment on how most people don't realize how risky (dangerous) chemical cleaners are! I'd like to let Susanah and all of y'all know about my company's 100% organic cleaners (based on nine worldwide plants). I hope you don't mind me mentioning our web site, Susanah, so everyone can take a look -- and then you won't have to mix your own recipes, though that can be fun sometimes. Our organic super cleaners work better than the poison cleaners on the market, and we just cut prices 50% -- and I can give y'all a 20% coupon code (david20) to use on your first order: I hope Susanah and all of y'all will give us a try. We are also trying to save kids' lives by getting our organic cleaners under the sink of every household in America! Thanks!

  10. My favorite all-purpose home cleaning spray (for glass, countertops, etc) is 1 part white vinegar, 1 part rubbing alcohol, 1 part water, 5 drops lavender oil and a few pieces of lemon rind. Love love love – and it keeps windows streak-free better than store bought stuff!

    Best regards!
    South Norwood Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  11. I make my all-surface cleaner from citrus peels and vinegar and it works quite good. Your recipe is great too and it's another new idea for me to try. I love the idea of using essential oils at homemade cleaning products and definitely will mix your all purpose cleaner. Thank you for sharing it!

  12. This is a really good recipe I've been using it for years, the lemon juice is also the best grease cutter I have found. Thanks for sharing.

    Kathy in SC